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Male Circumcision

Male circumcision refers to the permanent removal of the foreskin, and has been practiced for thousands of years. In the US, most males are circumcised. This is usually performed in the newborn period, while other males are circumcised later in life due to personal choice or medical necessity.

Parents may have strong opinions on whether they want to have their newborn boy circumcised, and they can request it after delivery. Many parents choose to proceed with a circumcision due to cultural, personal, or religious beliefs, while others refer to the medical and hygiene benefits of a circumcision. The vast majority of circumcisions in the US are done within the first few days of life. It may be done at the hospital after birth, as a traditional procedure by a trained specialist, or at the pediatric urologists’ office.

Some parents wonder what are the benefits of a circumcision, and whether it is the right choice for their family. The American academy of pediatrics (AAP) published a statement in which it concluded the benefits of a circumcision outweigh the risks. The benefits include decreased risk of urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, and penile cancer. At the same time, the risks of this procedure when done by well trained professionals, are very minimal.

A newborn circumcision may not be attainable at your hospital immediately after delivery, either because a physician is not available, or the physician is not sure whether to proceed. In such cases, a referral to a pediatric urologist is warranted. Parents may elect to have a newborn circumcision done by a pediatric urologist after discharge from the hospital.

Here at Pediatric Urology Associates, we have several pediatric urologists who perform newborn circumcisions in our offices many times per week, and we take pride in our excellent results. Feel free to contact any of our docs with questions you may have, either in person or via telehealth.

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