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Find the Best Pediatric Urologist for your Child at Pediatric Urology Associates!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Many families will find that for one reason or another they will need a pediatric urologist for their child. First stop, Google. Families will search terms such as: “find a pediatric urologist near me,” “best pediatric urologist,” and “pediatric urologist.” The good news is that during your search, you will find Pediatric Urology Associates (PUA) because we have been providing high-quality care since 1970. PUA has offices throughout the tri-state area, so no matter where you are located in that region, if you need a urology group, doctor, clinic, or children’s hospital urology, you will likely be led to a PUA physician.

Did you know that many of our PUA urologists have been listed in New York Magazine’s Best Urologist category, and specifically Top Urologist, within the category of Top Pediatric Urologist? Whether it is a Brooklyn urologist, a New York City urologist, a Staten Island urologist, a Long Island urologist, a Westchester urologist, or even a urologist in New Jersey or Connecticut, we have offices that are nearby.

Many times a family's first interaction with a urologist will be to perform a pediatric circumcision, or a newborn circumcision. This will usually prompt families to do a Google search to find a pediatric circumcision, or a newborn circumcision near me. You may be saying to yourself “Wait, but isn’t a pediatric circumcision performed in the hospital after the baby is born?” There are many families that will leave the hospital, and for one reason or another, a circumcision will not be performed. The good news is that most of our offices are equipped to be able to perform pediatric newborn circumcision within the office. By doing this, the child will not need to undergo anesthesia, and will go home within 30 minutes of the procedure done in the office.

If you or your child need to find a urologist specialist in the area of pediatrics, you do not need to look any further than our website, We have a location finder to find the practice nearest you, so by simply entering your ZIP Code, you will be directed to the nearest urologist specialist and of course, a pediatric urologist near your home.

Our offices are all modern, and staffed with a friendly team of receptionists, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and sonographers who all specialize in the care of children. It would be our honor to be able to take care of your child. We'll be able to work with you for any pediatric urology problems you may have.

Don’t believe me? Just check out our reviews!

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Gitlin

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